Despite significant progress since the establishment of a democratic government in 1994, South African society remains characterised by racially biased socio-economic disparities. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is an efficient tool used to address these inequalities, and in so doing contribute to economic growth and development, and social transformation in South Africa.

Rusmar Packaging's management acknowledges the significance of B-BBEE and its transformative powers. The company has adopted an across-the-board strategy to increase diversity in the workplace, enhancing Rusmar Packaging's competitive advantage now and into the future.


Packaging is a vital component of modern living providing protection, ease of transportation, preservation and convenience, as well as attracting consumers to our customers' products. Rusmar Packaging is aware of the the impact that packaging has on the environment and we participate in extensive recycling initiatives through Remade. Additionally, we continue to invest time and resources into the development of more sustainable products.